Pricing & ROI
Our tech is ground breaking so why shouldn’t our pricing be.

Month to Month Contract

We are so confident you will love LoanPASS, we do not require any long term agreement. If you are not happy with it, you can cancel with only 30 days notice.

No User Seat Licensing

No limit to how many of your employees or clients use your version of LoanPASS.

Lower Cost

With options to maintain rules and guidelines yourself, monthly costs are dramatically lower than the competition.

The Bottomline

Reduced costs + increased efficiency = Big Net Gains & No more SOWs!

Pricing Summary

LoanPASS was built to be easily customized and easily maintained, reducing the time and money spent on creating and updating custom loan products and guidelines. The competition operates on a 3rd party service model where custom or portfolio guidelines are extremely costly to maintain.

Financial ROI

With no long term contract and no user license requirements, you can give LoanPASS a try with virtually no risk. With no expensive SOW’s for custom work, no long-term installation periods, no contract break up fees and no usage fees as you grow, you can be confident the cost of running your LoanPASS application will not change. With the power to meet any of your lending needs, our multi-tenant SaaS platform will continue to evolve technologically to accommodate your growth and needs.

Total ROI

How many loans do your sales force lose from not having access to nearly instant pricing for all your lending options? How many portfolio loans do you lose because your clients cannot price accurately through an engine built specifically to reflect your products and programs? How much do you spend on resources using a different tool for each type of lending product you offer? How many clients do you frustrate when your upfront eligibility or pricing is not accurate or complete?

Make your move!

See the LoanPASS advantage for yourself.