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Unparalleled Control Over Your Business


LoanPASS was conceived using cutting edge technologies and no legacy code with the goal of near-zero latency between input and response.


Unparalleled control and insight into pricing and eligibility coupled with a highly intuitive and guided experience for your customers.


Within minutes add any field, any rule, any loan product and start pricing to your customers today.

Getting Started

The Fast Lane begins with getting you up and running with your own custom product and pricing engine within a matter of DAYS, not months or years...

Onboarding & Setup

Simply send us your custom or portfolio guidelines and a rate sheet. We configure your own version of LoanPASS with your guidelines mapped to your rate sheet. We test numerous pricing scenarios in LoanPASS against your rate sheet to confirm everything is 100% accurate. Give us a list of your initial users and we set them up with a LoanPASS login - either as an Admin or as an LO. We conduct training with your LoanPASS admin on how to maintain the rules, add new features, add users and upload rate sheets - a remarkably simple process. We give you the link to your version of LoanPASS and you roll out the application to your LOs, business clients and retail customers.

Maintenance & Uploads

Once a rate sheet is mapped, daily uploading takes less than one minute. If there are any breaks to the mapping from changes at the source, we fixed those immediately. With training provided, you can easily update any pricing or eligibility rules as they change - and if you ever have questions, we stand by ready to help. If you would prefer not to maintain your own guidelines and rules, for an extra fee, we can do it for you.

LoanPASS - for Every Lender & Every Loan

LoanPASS is so flexible and powerful, it can do pricing and eligibility for virtually any lending product.

Non-QM Lenders

The flexibility and power to price any NonQM loan with an unlimited number of unique fields, rules and calculations to choose from.

Have your own custom Product & Pricing Engine ready to use with customers in a matter of DAYS. Easily change guidelines or roll out new loan programs in minutes. Easily add any input field you want and add eligibility or pricing rules against it - again, all in a matter of minutes. Have the engine calculate an accurate DSCR and use it for eligibility instead of relying on inaccurate, user defined ratios. Maintain your own custom version of LoanPASS, without costly SOW’s and delays (or let us do it for you).

  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Customizable

Banks & Credit Unions

One simple PPE to deliver pricing and eligibility for all your lending products: mortgage 1st & 2nds, construction loans, business loans, auto loans and more - and our automated underwriting engine is not far behind.

LoanPASS is your Digital Lending Platform - our engine can handle eligibility, pricing and underwriting for any loan product. Manage and control all your construction loans, business loans, personal loans and auto loans on one user friendly application. Easily maintain, control and change all your custom built loan portfolio products. Add any field, calculation, table or rule to meet your lending needs. Omni Channel - Run LoanPASS in your B2C, B2B or retail channels. OpenAPI allows you to connect to your lending platform.

  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Customizable

Loan Officers

Get your LOs all the information they need to make a decision - in the blink of an eye.

Renders pricing decisions quickly and dynamically as input data is provided - that’s right, with no submit button! No switching between input screen and results screen. See pricing scenarios update in 1 second as your criteria changes. Ratios are calculated for each rate and price, not just by the product. Best Ex view to easily compare pricing options among like products. Be able to have a fluid conversation with your customers providing real time answers without having to “fill time” as you wait for old technologies to respond.

  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Customizable
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